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By Jason Kelly ( @JasonKellyPAO )

U.S. Navy Emerging Media Deputy Director

Last Tuesday, the Associated Press’ verified Twitter account sent a false tweet that explosions occurred at the White House and President Obama had been injured. There were no explosions; the President was fine. However, the tweet was enough to send the stock market sharply lower before it recovered. The AP reported that the false tweet was preceded by phishing attempts on its corporate network.

The false tweet demonstrated:

  • News spread using social media may be - at first - considered credible even without corroboration
  • Social media users need to have a plan to prepare for and respond to a compromised account

Justin Herman, the lead for Social Media in the General Services Administration Center for Excellence in Digital Government, wrote a great blog about protecting your account from hacking, repairing your account after hacking and responding to rogue tweets from a hacked account. I encourage you to read and bookmark it.

In the event of a compromised account, the blog recommends you notify the Center for Excellence in Digital Government. You should also notify the Navy’s Emerging Media team at usnsocialmedia@gmail.com.

Twitter is reportedly working on a two-step verification system. Both Facebook and Google offer verification besides your password.

Below are some other resources for account security and compromised accounts:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at usnsocialmedia@gmail.com or 703-614-9154.