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You may have seen the news in Navy Times or Business Insider about a tweet that was intended for a personal account that was posted to the @USNavy account.  

"Our bad" is your good—Here are some key takeaways we wanted to share:

  • Be careful of which accounts you are logged into when using a third-party application
  • Don’t use your personal account at work—it’s too easy to get them mixed up
  • When you make a mistake, know that it will be public, acknowledge it and be honest

Current events or trending topics don’t always align with Navy messaging, but when you can insert the Navy into the broader conversation while it’s happening, it can have a big payoff.

Yesterday, the space shuttle Discovery took it’s final flight over the Washington, DC area. Rather than just commenting on the flight or letting the whole trend pass us by, we took the opportunity to highlight the Navy’s involvement in the shuttle’s missions over the years. The following post on the Navy’s Facebook page had almost a thousand likes and 150 shares.

How have you capitalized on a relevant trending topic to feature your command’s content?